Hometown flushtrations.

My family has always been preoccupied with my weight, but that could be written about in a blog entirely to itself. I just want to talk about recent flushtrations I’ve experienced while on a visit to my hometown to spend some time with family.

My mom and aunt have both asked me about whether or not I’ve lost weight with this new diet. I replied by saying that I didn’t know, because I wasn’t weighing myself. I told them that I wasn’t following a weight loss diet, and wasn’t worried about whether this diet would make me lose weight or not. It’s about my health. Not my weight.

I know there is a problem with the word “diet,” in general, but it offends and hurts me that my family automatically goes back to my weight when talking about my health.

My weight has never affected my health in my 22 years.

My Crohn’s disease has continuously affected my health, in a very detrimental way, for over four years.

Am I alone in this? How can I make them realize the importance of healing my body without making it about my weight in any way?


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