I should probably also mention…

I’m about 102% sure I have a binge eating disorder.

Sometimes, like tonight, I feel like the only comfort I’m ever going to feel again is the next sip of Dr. Pepper. Or my next double cheeseburger, taco, cookie, philly cheesesteak, etc, etc. 

This is also absolutely the biggest hindrance in my journey of wellness. 

I’m completely aware of what I’m doing to my body. I know all about what is healthy, what is not, and especially in terms of my Crohn’s. Although, that part is what I’m still constantly learning about. 

I’ve had the awe-inspiring epiphany that there is no way my ulcers can heal if I constantly shove food down my throat to rub on them as they make their way out of me. 

Logically, I know this. 

But, I still can’t seem to stop myself. 

Is there anybody else out there that struggles with this too?


4 thoughts on “I should probably also mention…

  1. I was just talking about binge eating with my roommate! We both just eat and eat. I have UC, and she happens to have IBS (although it does not often bother her). I find I get really hungry after dinner, when I should really stop eating or eat just light foods, but last night I kept on snacking on foods I shouldn’t eat, then had a poached egg.

    • I tend to do really well all day too, until I get home from work. But, on the weekends — PFT. I’m ridiculous. Fast food, and a lot of it. I had a long talk with my boyfriend last night, though, and I’m feeling 110% dedicated to following SCD. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do it for myself, but I know I can do it for him. I hope you know you’re worth it too!

  2. I am totally hooked on drinking Coke. I can’t stop. Realize it doesn’t help with my condition but I figure I rarely drink alcohol and don’t smoke so I’m allowed to have one bad habit. Right?

    • It feels really hard to give up the things that are bad for our guts… I’m just hoping that it will get easier as I start to feel better, ’cause it’s especially hard to give something up with everything makes you sick and you can’t pinpoint what the problem is. Good luck to you! Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one!

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